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The year 2021


Amounts in NOK millions Note20212020
Non-current assets
Intangible assets
Intangible assets33331
Total intangible assets3331
Fixed assets
Land, buildings, and other real property3135150
Machinery and equipment33228237
Total fixed assets364388
Non-current financial assets
Investments in subsidiaries611
Investments in associated companies63434
Other non-current receivables73944
Total non-current financial assets7378
Total non-current assets470498
Current assets
Sales agent receivables85771
Other current receivables9, 1498121
Total receivables 155191
Cash and cash equivalents, etc106 1076 208
Total current assets6 2626 399
Total assets6 7316 897
Equity and liabilities
Paid-in equity
Share capital110,150,15
Retained earnings
Non-distributable equity fund 12150150
Investment fund1299
Other equity12326326
Total retained earnings 485485
Total equity 485485
Provisions for liabilities
Pension liabilities13197180
Total provisions for liabilities197180
Other non-current liabilities
Current liabilities
Accounts payable to suppliers14119129
Tax owed 3038
Residual surplus funds payable164 8334 793
Undistributed prizes 194186
Prepaid stakes 149174
Other current liabilities 15726913
Total current liabilities 6 0506 233
Total liabilities 6 2476 412
Total equity and liabilities6 7316 897