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Responsibility, attractiveness and efficient operations

A renewed sports offering, attractive online services and exciting lotteries are steadily reaching a larger proportion of those who enjoy gaming. Some 2.1 million players gave their dreams a chance by playing with Norsk Tipping in 2021.

For most people, gaming is a source of entertainment and excitement. However, this is not true for everyone and for some the pandemic has been extra challenging. New measures have been introduced to ensure that our most important work is successful, namely, preventing problem gaming.

A review of 2021 indicates that the needle is pointing in the right direction.



A responsible organisation

Norsk Tipping can point to positive developments with respect to responsibility, customer channelling from unregulated gaming operators and surplus funds in 2021.

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Playing healthier

Norsk Tipping’s customers displayed healthier gaming habits in 2021 than in 2020. The measures are producing results.


Customer record

Some 2,091,394 players played a Norsk Tipping game last year, compared with 2,082,609 in 2020. Product development is one of the keys to our success.


Surplus funds for society

All of Norsk Tipping’s surplus funds are returned to society and the Grassroots Share accounts for an important proportion of these surplus funds. The scheme gives all players the option to decide for themselves where the money they use with Norsk Tipping should go.

The five grateful grassroot recipients in 2021 were from the counties of Innlandet, Rogaland, Vestfold, Vestland and Viken.