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The year 2021

Ansvarlig spillvirksomhet

Amounts in NOK millions20212020
Trade receivables00
Prepaid costs 4257
Personal loans/salary advances *)66
Other current receivables4857
Amounts in NOK millions Share capitalNon-distributable equity fundInvestment fundOther equityTotal
Equity as at 31.12.20200.151509326485
Year’s change in equity
Added from the year’s surplus funds 6 2866 286
Year’s transfers to surplus funds recipients-6 286-6 286
Net change in the accounting year00
Equity as at 31.12.2021 0.151509326485
Amounts in NOK millions20212020
Present value of year’s pensionable earnings4647
Interest expense from pension liabilities1416
Return on pension assets-14-23
Employees’ pension contributions-6-6
Administrative expenses11
Net pension expenses before amortisation4135
Recognised effect of estimate deviations1113
Accrued employer’s national insurance contributions 1)88
Net pension expenses funded pension schemes6055
No. of active employees included in the calculation450445

Den lavere gjennomsnittlige instaspillgrensen i 2021 sammenlignet med 2020 skyldes i stor grad de to grensenedsettingene i desember 2020 og september 2021.